7 Benefits of Having a Podcast for your Business

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The 21st century offers new digital solutions in marketing businesses such as content marketing, search engine optimization, digital advertising, email marketing – and podcasting. The popularity of podcasts has been continuously on the rise. From a marketing perspective, it has offered business owners around the world to reach their audiences. The question is: Is it right for your business?

If you are still wondering why podcasting should play a role in your business’s marketing mix, we have identified seven benefits in this article to help you make up your mind.

Personal connection

A podcast is a revolutionary way to communicate with your audience, reach new customers, and build meaningful relationships. Many people on the go like to listen to something while doing their chores and running their errands. By having a conversation with them on the same day or the same time, you are being included in their daily or weekly existence and routines. Adam SchaeubleHaving a podcast gives you the opportunity to become a part of people’s routines.

Building credibility, trust, and authority

A voice can attract an audience much better than words on a page. That voice creates credibility and trust that ultimately sells a product or service. A podcast is also a platform for sharing your experience and expertise in the industry. By creating informative and interesting podcasts, you will help establish yourself as an authority in your field as you become the person listeners want to hear and talk about.

Josh KopelI wanted to provide what I get out of the best shows I listened to. I want to walk away with something that I can use to better my life or my business, every time I listened to an episode. And so that’s what I’ve worked to create.

Creating brand recognition and awareness

Podcasting develops your brand and reaches a different audience than the people reached in previous marketing campaigns. With consistent execution, it can build a stronger brand foundation and loyalty among those who aren’t familiar with your business and bridge the gap for those who know you already.

Adam Schaeuble…my brand is my life. It is what pays all the bills. You know, you got a shot. So if you’re that type of person, if you have a business that you want to drive ideal clients and customers into, or if you want to create a podcasting show or brand and use that to build a business from within.

Convenient and time-efficient

Podcasts can be accessed anywhere, at any time. You can listen to them while doing other things like driving or commuting, doing housework, walking your dog, or even taking your kids to school. Audio is a long-standing communication medium for good reason: it’s the only form of content you can consume without being visually engaged. Don’t also worry about writing update emails – people will be notified about new episodes in your feed once they subscribe to your podcasts!

Adam SchaeubleIn podcasting, if somebody hits that subscribe or follow button, whatever podcast player, they’re on a hundred percent deliverability that shows up on their phone, most phones pop up with a notification that the new episode is live.

Inexpensive and easy to get started

Compared to blogging and making videos, podcasts require fewer devices and equipment. While numerous variables like camera, lighting, sound, and background are involved in videos, you’d be surprised to know how easy it is to produce podcasts with just a microphone, a computer or smartphone, and a quiet room to record in. This is also an advantage to those who are not comfortable shooting videos.

Josh KopelThere’s just a lot more involved in video. I would argue that with an unlimited budget and an unlimited amount of time, you can do a lot more with videos, probably better in a lot of ways. But I also knew my crowd and my audience isn’t sitting around watching YouTube videos. The only time they’re going to consume my content is in transit.

Interactive and highly engaging

Since the internet is packed with a large amount of written content, the use of audio information is like a breath of fresh air. Podcasts are perfect for storytelling and community building. It allows you to start a two-way conversation with your target audience, invite them to engage with you and other listeners, gain insights that are critical to your business, and ultimately, learn from other people’s perspectives. Remember, your subscribers are at the core of your community. You may even benefit from word of mouth if your podcast game is educational and engaging.

Mike AldenIt’s also been the relationship capital that has been built as a result of it. It’s a great connection tool, especially if you’re good at it and you provide good quality content. It makes it easy for people to come on because they know that they’re also going to get some value there.

Another avenue for revenue

Podcasting provides a new way for your business to make some extra cash if you are successful and consistent in posting engaging episodes. The more popular your podcast becomes, the more likely you are to get opportunities to monetize your content through advertisements, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing.

Adam SchaeubleIf you have a brand, a business, a book, a process or system that you’ve monetized going on, podcasts will level up your sales.

Most companies have already started incorporating podcasts into their marketing strategies. It is time to implement them to grow your business. Follow our Clubhouse page Beyond Your First Million where we discuss a subject weekly that entrepreneurs either need or want to know about. Don’t miss it every Thursday at 4:30 pm Pacific standard time!

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