Relentless Book Launch

Unchain my heart Baby, let, let me be 'Cause you don't care Well, please Set me free

Spotlight shifting to her in the middle of an orange burst, Natasha Miller takes center stage to celebrate the launch and best-selling status of her memoir, Relentless.

The dramatic music fills the room as her voice coils with emotion, describing in detail her relationship to this song. It makes sense then that “Unchain My Heart,” written by her friend and mentor, Bobby Sharp, would feel like something close enough to home.

The audience watches as Natasha’s life unfolds on stage. Her daughter Bennett stands next to her, preparing for their duet of songs. In the crowd, she sees her friends, colleagues, and employees, with pride and joyousness displayed across their faces. The book and performance are a culmination of 51 years in the making and 4 years of writing. She has masterfully integrated the pivotal moments of her life with the music she produced during that time to help process it all.

Natasha’s memoir, Relentless: Homeless Teen to Achieving The Entrepreneur Dream was officially released last Mar 22, 2022. Within days of its release, Relentless was number one online on USA Today’s best-selling list, Barnes & Noble, and number one on Amazon in multiple categories.

Her company, Entire Productions, produced two book launch events. Together with AllSeated,  they programmed an immersive virtual reality experience filled with fast-paced and inspiring talks from entrepreneurs, thought leaders as well as athletes. They also had other forms of entertainment like fashion sketch artists, astrology, magic, and on-demand poetry. This was all done on their metaverse platform called ExVo.

On March 26, a red carpet was laid to welcome guests at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Family, friends, and members of the press mingled in cocktail attire as they anticipated Natasha’s live performance. First, a few words from Joel Selvin, San Francisco-based music critic, and author, then Natasha delivered a dynamic musical rendition of Relentless with an inspiring message.

The book launch wouldn’t have been successful without the support and participation of their event partners namely: Jane Hammond, Abbey Rentals, Fulcrum Group, Fulcrum Group, JL Imagination, The Dahlias, and Alison Kenyon.

San Francisco Magazine, Entire Productions’ media partners, also sponsored the event. In their March issue’s publisher’s note, they wrote an entire page about Natasha and her book.

Finally, Natasha’s experience at a youth emergency shelter in her early teens led to this book. Some of the proceeds from book sales and other speaking engagements will be donated to Covenant House, an organization that helps homeless young people find homes too.

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If you haven’t ordered your Relentless copy yet, now’s the time!

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