Josh Kopel: Remaining Productive in a Pandemic

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There is no question that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the physical and mental health of millions of individuals around the world. However, these challenges did not prevent Josh Kopel from starting some exciting new businesses over the past year. While the pandemic had a devastating impact on the hospitality industry, Kopel thought about new ways to create revenue in the future.

Kopel managed several high-profile restaurants and venues before opening his first concept, the 504 Bar in Hollywood, in 2010. While he has since sold the restaurant, he is now hoping to solve new problems, curate and create meaningful content, and being “of service,” thanks to his experience in the hospitality industry. Let’s take a look at what Kopel has accomplished in the past year.

One Important Decision

Kopel might be a successful entrepreneur, but he points out that his story isn’t all “highs” without lows. He has a wife and a two-year-old daughter and had to file for unemployment for the first time in his life due to COVID-19. While he was able to create other businesses, the point remains: his story could have been much different.

Ultimately, Kopel was not satisfied with the world telling him that his journey was over. He may have sold off his businesses to mitigate risk, but he remains dedicated to the hospitality industry. His role is different now thanks to his technology company FLO, his podcast Full Comp, and his newsletter Pineapple Post. His decision to sell these businesses was a catalyst for a bright future to build new audiences through his platforms and conversations.

The Power of a Strategic Partner

One of the most surprising things is when I ask Josh about how he approached Yelp as a sponsor for his Full Comp podcast. Interestingly enough, Kopel says that he was approached BY Yelp since they wanted to be a part of the conversation regarding restaurants reopening in the future. While they had an existing relationship, Josh recognizes that he was quite lucky to have such an important partner.

Kopel spoke on the fact that Yelp was entirely hands-off when it came to the podcast and its direction. He also readily admits that Yelp not only helped him build an audience but with distribution, as well. Josh Kopel was able to interview high-profile guests as a result and create meaningful content. Kopel even calls Full Comp a “selfish exploit” since it allows him to have conversations that he was already interested in having.

Scaling Solutions

Even in the wake of the pandemic, Kopel was concerned about addressing the most apparent issues plaguing the hospitality industry. He knew that something was “obviously wrong” when it comes to restaurant in-house delivery. That’s one of the reasons why he became a partner in a company named

It has already been able to reduce delivery costs by clients by as much as 50%. Kopel understood that his business had the ability to scale, and the company has decided to take on angel investor capital to grow more rapidly. Kopel understands that venture capital can help the company grow quicker, which is better for restaurants that are currently struggling with delivery pain points.

To hear more about Josh’s story, check out the interview on the Fascinating Entrepreneurs Podcast.

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